Social Performance Training Course: Use of Sample Documents and Management Case Battambang March 29-30, 2017

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On March 29-31, 2017, M’lup Russey cooperated with Battambang Department of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation and Social Affairs.
In providing training on social issues, using document standards, letter writing and case management examples to teachers. The president of the center, as well as partner organizations provide alternative care for orphaned and vulnerable children.  These organizations changed their activities and intended to replace alternative child care activities in the community. The training course is held at the Department of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation in Battambang.​

For assistance in using the more efficient form of standardization, the representative of the USSR Battambang and M’lup Russey included some key content:

  • Child protection systems and key legal framework for children.
  • Procedures to implement policies on alternative childcare and integration.
  • Standards and guidelines for the care, support and protection of vulnerable orphans and children.
  • A permanent plan for child care.
  • Roles and duties of the organization involved in implementing the use of procedures and policies on alternative childcare.
  • The use of 28 forms and samples of standard documents.
  • Practice of practical application of forms.

After completing the course, the Program Coordinator provided practical exercises on how to gauge participants’ ability to implement.  After completing the training course, the trainees expressed positive interest in using the Sample Documents and requested M’lup Russey to continue collaborating with relevant ministries to provide more training courses.

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