Valuing People:

  • In our work we promote PMEC participatory approaches with all members of society, with no discrimination.
  • In our staff community we respect and follow the international standards of child protection, human rights and gender inclusivity.



  • In our work we are committed to high quality performance in order to produce the agreed results effectively and efficiently, which do not harm the environment.
  • In our staff community we are aware that everyone’s safety, performance, development and wellbeing is our shared responsibility.


  • In our work, we promote the approach of ‘Do with, not to or for’, and cooperate closely with our Boundary Partners and Supporting Partners.
  • In our staff community, we work together to support holistic services which change lives by linking teams.


  • In our work we are trustworthy in words and transparent in actions.
  • In our staff community we respect and commit to follow all of MRO’s policies and regulations – like code of ethics and code of conduct.