The work of M’lup Russey focuses on the needs of stakeholders and wants to see changes in their attitudes, behavior and relationships. M’lup Russey has five stakeholders, we work as a partner.  We provide services and support. We understand that service partnerships with partners are a good strategy to ensure a high degree of ownership and engagement make this change. The services that M’lup Russey provide to their respective partners include:


  • Provide collaboration and support to key and all levels of authority in all activities in order to continue to promote behavioral change.  Behavior towards the realization of all policies for the ultimate good of the child.
  • Train and support the way in which young people living in foster homes and youth who come out of foster homes will be able to make decisions with the right information for their own lives. Help them to be able to identify their collective needs and find appropriate, mutually supportive and safe services while transforming into a community of adults. Trust them that the change is possible.
  • Train and support technical assistance to make sure that caregiver managers better understand the procedures for safe child integration. Facilitate the management of child care centers to better collaborate with officials of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to integrate the child in the community appropriately and prioritize community-based childcare.
  • Support and provide technical support to family in the community that provides emergency care to children, not their relatives. This service will be provided by the social worker of M’lup Russey, a well-trained and well-performing client.
  • Train and support key members of the community so that they can play a role role in implementing alternative care.  Alternative care policy support for the integration of children and youth from orphanages into the community, and use the reflection process. From careful action at the highest level of participation in the initiative levels and their own security.