Youth Support

We work with the children and young adults who live or have lived in orphanages to help them prepare for life in the community. We help youth make well-informed decisions for their lives, help them identify their own needs and access appropriate services. We also want to see residential centres cooperate well with MOSVY and partner NGOs in order to do proper reintegration and prioritise the care of children in community.

Youth Support Program has been designed to work with young people living in orphanages. We aim to empower all youth who are living in orphanages to take part in building self confidence, freedom and ability for living in the community in the future. In this program we have these activities:

Youth Club Program

We motivate youth in orphanages to be involved in setting up a youth club in their orphanages. Through youth club programs, we enhance their ability by training them on how to be good leaders, facilitators and responsible people. We help them improve their communication skills, work skills and soft skills. We also empower young people living in orphanages to have a voice in the institution, to find freedom of expression and to prepare for independence. There are some benefits when they are involved in the youth clubs: Opportunity to get vocational training, 3 months working experience in M’lup Russey, opportunity to join Role Model Program which helps them to find a person who could listen to them, to share the experience of living in the community and motivation to reach their goal. Activities in the Youth club program:

  • Meeting
  • Training
  • Fellowship
  • Networking
  • Follow up
  • Evaluation
Life Skill Training

Life Skills training is conducted for all young adult orphans and especially for youth club members. By providing them Life Skills training, we are willing to help them to be more confident, be able to make decisions and be able to adapt in any situation in the community. In Life Skills training we provide them with 7 topics such as; knowing myself, communication skills, safety living in the community, anger management, productive health and drug, life planning and goal setting, and money management.

Youth Lounge

We set up a youth lounge which is free for youth to arrange meeting with the counselors, working discussion and research. There are many types of equipments which help youth in research such as; computers, telephones, books in both Khmer and English, internet and an emergency bedroom.

Awareness Workshop

We provide trainings to orphan children who are at the age of 10-14 to have opportunity to know other people in the community, to learn to think positively about living in the community, and to think about their future life.

The purpose of the Careleavers Network is to link up the youth who leave from the orphanage in to the network after they leave from the orphanages to live in the community. Careleavers Network Program supports the Careleavers and our hope is to see them have safety, freedom and knowledge that can improve their life in community. We also support their mental health and emotional feeling. There are some programs that work to support and develop the capacity building to the members of the Careleavers network after they reunify to their community:

Careleavers Individual Small Group Meeting

The individual meeting with Careleavers Network Members links up the careleavers into small group after they moved out from the orphanage. In the meetings the careleavers get support and they can share their life experience and situation in community with each other.

Careleavers Big Group Meeting

All the small groups in the Careleavers Program have meetings together in a big group to exchange their experience of life in community and get to know each other. The members get a big network with good relationships. Through this network careleavers help each other to become independent and responsible of themselves.

Providing Vocational Training

To support the careleavers who are reunified to the community we provide Vocational Training according to their request. This support will help them to attain skills so that they can support their daily lives in the future.

Life Skill Training

This program is conducted to give the careleavers training in Life Skills to help them have the ability to communicate and live in the community.
Also, we have two activities concluding in this Careleaver Program. Every two months we have a bible study and group prayer for the careleavers who are Christian. The Careleavers also help Young Adult Orphans in the orphanages by sharing their experience of life in the community. This will help those who are preparing to soon leave the orphanage.

Residential Care Center Directors Network Meeting and Training conducted bi-monthly aim to build capacity of Management and increase cooperation of orphanages and MoSVY (Ministry of Social Veterans and Youth rehabilitation) and partner NGOs to enhance proper reintegration to best benefit the children. The main sessions raised in the training are:

  • Proper reintegration
  • Follow up reintegration process
  • Strength center management and Child lawsuit Procedure/ file complaint
  • Indicator and reporting of victim and vulnerable children data
  • Understanding the need of children and youths
  • Prevention of Human trafficking and sexual abuse
  • Prevention of Unsafe Migration
  • Work plan processing
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Monitoring and Evaluation