Intervention to save and prevent child custody In the family

05 February 2021, MRO Child Welfare Network Sector has been informed about two cases of at-risk children, then decided immediately for intervention by good cooperation with Kompong Chnang DoSVY and relevant authorities. The intervention was started by assessment and provided emergency support of food security and a safe place to live in.

First Case is a family in which the father migrates and lost his contact, and the mother on 27 Jan 2021 was murdered and the police are in the investigation and search for the escaped suspect for sentencing. Sadly, there are three vulnerable children left behind at the scene and live in an unfortunate condition with their poor grandparents. Authorities who led the assessment decided and suggested the orphanage for these three children, but the children rejected and claim to continue living with their grandparents even the food security and family support are inadequate. MRO staff suggested further discussion and planning for these children for long term and safety placement and supports. But temporary, these children should be with their grandparents with being supported by available resources from MRO and the authority.

The second Case is a family of widow man with 4 children, three are girls. this man has been imprisoned for drug use and left his children behind. These four children strongly reject to live with the stranger beside their relative. they suggest to be with their aunty, but she is poor and challenging with daily food support and not possible to feed the other mouths. From cooperation between MRO, DoSVY, and local authorities, some available resources and supports have provided to these children as decripted as below:

  • 50 Kg of Rice
  • 1 Pack of noodle.
  • 1 Set of fish can
  • 1 Set of Fish soy
  • 1 Set of Soy source
  • A bottle of cooking oil
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 1 kg of salt.

Besides these physical supports, the committee decided to keep the children with their aunty after assessment and discussion were done. And the local authority and DoSVY agree to keep follow up and work with this case to ensure they are safe and are fulfilled with their daily support during the Covid epidemic. Additionally, the committee will also continue work on Kinship Care strengthening and empowerment for permanence placement of these three children with their aunty.

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