Gratitude to sister Sharron Catton and sister Gillian Bird

On behalf of our staff, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to sister Sharron Catton and sister Gillian Bird, both of you are the central part of our team in M’lup Russey Organization, an excellent collaborator, supporters, mentors, and advisors with a wealth of knowledge, experiences, care, and love.

We can’t thank you enough for unconditional love, support, and especially not only being our advisor and like a mother to us. We are deeply obliged, and we appreciate your presence regardless of the period of time. Thank you for everything that you’ve contributed over these past few years.

And additionally, your contribution has brought to the incredible positive impact in the lives of many orphans and vulnerable children, and their families. We look forward to working together with you, if MRO has more opportunity in the future, please combining our strengths to glorifying the Lord and praising his name through changing the lives of Orphan and Vulnerable Children in Cambodia. We will never forget your time with us.

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